Please contact a member of the management team (Jr Admin+) upon completion of an application.

There are three roles you can apply for, Moderation team (start of as a watcher),  development team,   building team which is leaded by our head builder Dovah_Sheep

Once you have applied, the application will go on to the head admin who will either accept or deny the application. Once accepted, the application will be passed on to the head of the team you wish to join where they will take it from there.

Head of Teams:

Moderation team – Head Admin, Head of Staff, Energy_Storm_   Storm (Lee)#2050

Building team – Head Builder, Dovah_Sheep   DovahSheep#7942

NOTICE Please Read below:

While the app says 15+, for the moderation team we sometimes allow acceptions depending on the application but this will make your application be judged more harshly.  If the application doesn’t work, ask Energy Storm for the backup application.

PLEASE use the right application form below as there are three!


Moderation team application

Building team application

Development team application